Aranui 5, and authentic cruise

Luxury suite with view (over the Marquises islands, Tuamotu atolls and even… Bora Bora !)

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose an island when traveling to French Polynesia : The spectacular Bora Bora ? The beautiful Tuamotu islands? Or why not go for the magical Marquises Islands? With the Aranui, you will no longer have to choose : The new fortnight cruise will give you a chance to explore the three archipelagos, from the comfort of your suite.

The Aranui will take you to the most untouched Marquisian bays, where it will skillfully unload merchandise for local people: Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Tahuata, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva and Ua Huka. These islands are nothing compared to the rest of the Polynesian Island. They are said to convey an special atmosphere, powerful and authentic feel… This escape will allow you to stand on sacred ground and enjoy daily activities for each stopover.

After a day at sea, you will enter one of the most famous island of the Tuamotu Archipelago: Rangiroa. Blue paradise, this atoll is so big, you could place the entire of Tahiti inside it. This is without a doubt a favorite destination for divers from all around the globe. This island is also home to the world famous Tahitian Black pearl.

Talking about pearls, you will end your cruise in a place we call “the pearl of the pacific” : The island of Bora Bora. This is just the most perfect way to finish a stay in French Polynesia. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the many shades of blue and the great Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora’s prestigious mountain.

The Aranui 5 :

  • A mixed freighter of 126 meters which can accommodate 254 passengers.
  • 103 cabins, divided in 8 categories, from the presidential suite (41m2) with private balcony, to Class C for the most adventurous.
  • 1 Restaurant
  •  2 big lounges and 2 conference rooms
  • 4 bars (1 panoramic Skybar)
  •  1 Fitness Room
  • 1 Outdoor Pool
  • 1 Boutique
  • 1 Massage room
  • 2 Elevators