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FIFO – Celebrating the Cinema of Oceania

The Pacific International Documentary Film Festival is the highlight of the year in French Polynesian cinema. For one week, directors from all over the South Pacific will meet, uniting this year around panel-elected president, director Abderrahmane Sissako.

A Cutting Edge Festival

No less than 135 films were reviewed by the FIFO selection committee—proving the vitality of audiovisual production in the Pacific as well as the popular support FIFO has cultivated since 2004.

From the preservation of fragile ecosystems and the most recent scientific discoveries–marine or terrestrial—to sports as a means for bringing communities together, this year’s FIFO selections paint a superb portrait of contemporary Oceania.

The Festival also maintains its link with the history of the Pacific continent, which is firmly embedded in its DNA. The 16th edition is no exception–featuring two documentaries which shine a compassionate light on the Pacific’s volunteer military (Aux armes Tahitiens), and another featuring the historical figure Tupaia, the Tahitian navigator who was largely responsible for the success of Captain Cook’s voyage to New Zealand.
“This festival provides a beautiful glimpse into Oceania, a continent which is able to find harmony between its traditional values and modern ones in the face of globalization”, summarized FIFO organizers.

Trailer for the 13th Annual FIFO

A Prestigious Jury President

Who will follow in the footsteps of Jan Kounen, President of FIFO 2015? This year, the association requested Franco-Mauritanian filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako, who accepted the invitation! His most recent work, Timbuktu (2014), which recounts daily life in Mali under jihadist rule, received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and was the runaway favorite at the Césars, receiving no less than 7 awards (film, director, original screenplay, sound, cinematography, original music, and editing).
An enlightened glance into a must-see edition of FIFO.

January 30 to February 7 at the Papeete Maison de la Culture
Single-day ticket: 1000 XPF; Students/Ages 18 and under/Groups (10 people minimum): 500 XPF
3-day pass (excluding weekends): 2500 XPF
For accessibility, all films will be subtitled in French.

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