Considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Pacific, the 28 tiny islets where a multitude of sea birds nest and the emerald lagoon of Raivavae seems almost unreal.

Away from the tourist roads and modern world, Raivavae is a real protected paradise where reigns the tranquillity in the middle of this landscapes of dreams. It’s considered as one of the wildest islands, thanks to its mountains in slopes covered with ferns dominated the mount Hiro, peak in more than 437 meters.

The island is divided in five villages: Rairua, Mahanatoa, Anatonu, Vaiuru, Matotea where the inhabitants built charming small multicolored houses there.

The main resource of the island come from the local agriculture, possible thanks to the climate, which allows to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables; cabbages, taro, potato, orange or coffee. The lagoon also offers its wealth thanks to the fishing, fishes and seafoods are brought back every day to the port.

Raivavae has recently an airport who offers an easier access to the island. For the travelers who preferring to travel at sea, you can take the traditional Tuhaa Pae II, cargo boat which all three weeks brings marchandises and travelers since the 630 kilometers which separates  Rairua’s port of Tahiti.

A tiki hidden in ferns near the road between Rairua and Mahanatoa is the witness of a rich past. You can find the rests of the remains of Raivavae to the Gauguin museum of Tahiti.



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