With its 8 square kilometers, Rimatara is the smallest of the Australs islands situated at 550 km away from Tahiti. Surrounded by a coral reef and a shallow lagoon makes it impossible for boats to dock there, only one narrow pass allows “pirogues” to pass. 

Recently Rimatara has an airport, which facilitates access to the island and the tourism on the island goes certainly facilitated. Before the creation of the airport the only way to visit the island was by the Tuhaapae II who landed wares and passengers every two or three weeks. Without harbor or dock, the boats docked directly on the beach of Amaru, the capital of Rimatara.

Where hotels, bars, restaurants or vehicle rentals are not available, you will be hosted by one of the 1,000 inhabitants of the island if you want to stay on Rimatara. You can then enjoy the quiet and relaxing life, swim or explore the cave Hurua where a stone shaped chair which would have belonged at the queen Temaeva V who reached the French protectorate in 1901.

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