Fatu Hiva

“Garden of Eden”

Fatu Hiva, also called Fatuiva, is the most Southern island of the Marquesas Islands but also the most isolated, what gives her an authenticity.

This real wild paradise of an extraordinary beauty is characterized by vertiginous reliefs and luxuriant vegetation. During your visit to Fatu Hiva, don’t forget to make a bend by the spectacular Virgin’s Bay, or see the huge petroglyph, a udge fish engrave in a rock.

The island has only two villages, situated in the hollow of two calderas formed by both volcanoes of the island; The village of Hanavave in the baroque columns of basalt and Omoa the administrative settlement dominated in the southwest by a rocky peak in the profile of moai pascuan.

This is the island of tapa cloth where plant fibers are transformed into fabric whose drawings are often inspired by the anscestral marquisien’s tattoos. This work has traditionally been the province of women.

It’s also them who make the “umuhei“, aromatic bouquets that are said to have aphrodisiac properties.

The monoi in sandal wood is also made here. You can also discover the first sculptor on coconut to Omoa.

Benefit of your stay in Fatu Hiva to discover the local gastronomy; taste the famous dried bananas “the popoi of uru”, or breadfruit.

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