“Monoi’s island”

Tahuata means ” the dawn ” in marquisien, the smallest island of the archipelago , accessible only by the sea, is situated in the South of Hiva Oa, at one o’clock of boat.

With its 50 km ² and 637 inhabitants, this small island has some very rough country, which makes land communication between the five valleys quite difficult. Only island of the archipelago to be lined with coral reefs, what is worth to her very beautiful white sandy beaches white and a turquoise water.

The main village of Vaitahu offers some memorials testifying of the tragic past of the island. You can see three memorials commemorating the arrival of the Spanish in 1595, the memory of the victims of the clashes between Marquesans and French military in 1838 and the taking of possession of the group by Admiral Dupetit-Thouars in 1842. And a lot of others monuments like Catholic Church with stone walls illuminated by magnificent stained glass in the choir or the French sailor’s cimetery.

The island abounds in places so interesting to visit ; The village of Hapatoni is famous for its paved royal walkway and its enchanting setting, the small museum of art and history of Vaitahu, the magnificent beach of Hanamoenoa or the petroglyphs of Hanatefau.

Tahuata has preserved her natural character and the peace and tranquility of traditional rhythms of life. She is also hangout for amateurs of spiny lobsters, considered delicious.

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