Ua Huka

With 77km ² for 571 inhabitants, Ua Huka is one of the smaller marquisien’s islands.

The population lives mainly horse breeding in the highlands, because there are more horses on the island than people, fishing and coprahculture.

They live around Vaipaee, capital of the island which has an archaeological museum located in the local authority.

A small airport connects Ua Huka to the world and the Aranui 3 stopped there every three weeks but tourism is still little developed, rather remaining family.

The major tourist wealth of the island comes from the restoration of this many archaeological sites. The preservation of cultural heritage and environmental protection are very important for the local population. You can visit the site Meiaute with red stone tikis, the cave “Pas”, the bird’s island, petroglyphs of vaikiki and many others.

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