Ua Pou


Ua Pou, small mountainous island, is one of the most beautiful and typical of Polynesia. With its wonderful setting consisting of a central range of basalt peaks in the shape of sugarloafs overlooking the sheltered bay where Hakahau its main village which are grouped the majority of the 2157 inhabitants living fishing, copra and handicrafts.

Ua Pou, which has Keep its strongly anchored traditions, is well-known for the inherent artistic qualities of its wood carvings, tattoos, its musicians and dance artists

The island is easily accessible by air, however, the routes are highly dependent on weather and reservation numbers.

The island has a wealth of archaeological sites that it takes time to discover, for example, during a horseback ride. Enjoy beautiful beaches like that of Anahoa half an hour walk from Hakahau, put you in search of the famous “flower pebbles” of Honoi or discover the mysteries of the Valley of King.

From this cultural dynamism was born the Marquesas festival, Matava’a, a bi-annual event amongst Marquesans and a real meeting ground for artistic talent in order not to forget this beautiful culture.

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