Mataiva, the Tropical Aquarium”.

This little neighboring atoll to Tikehau, 10 kms long by 5.5 kms wide has the extremely rare distinction of not having a reef pass.

Its second peculiarity, is to have an immense deposit of phosphate in the basement of the lagoon still unexplored to protected its environment.

In the main village of Pahua distributes on both sides of a very narrow pass crossed by a small bridge, the population live on some copra and fishing in the numerous parks with fishes present in the lagoon of rounded off shape. This makes the pride of the legends and the cultural past of Mataiva.

As regards the inescapable visits there is the Isle of Birds situated on Motu Teaku where you can admire quite sorts of sea birds .

If you want an unusual visit, the rocky ilot “Navel of Mataiva” in the middle of the lagoon is strongly recommended to you. Not far from it, you will have the opportunity to discover the archeological site of the marae Papiro where we can again see the sea in paving stone of the famous warrior Tu.

Numerous legends surround the atoll of Mataiva, in particular on the rock of the tortoise, the piece of coral heightened in the lagoon, which would have a mystic power on the tortoises, the sacred animal formerly dreaded.


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