Takapoto is a charming little atoll, 20 kms by 6 kms, with no reef pass its compulsory to  accost in whaler. The absence of communication between the lagoon and the ocean explains the excellent state of conservation.

Its magnificent lagoon is exploited and almost totally given over to pearl farming. Numerous pearl farms are implanted in the lagoon, of course its possible to visit them.

A few meters from the airport, you will find the village of Fakatopatere, which extends between the lagoon and the ocean, and where you can see some “fare” overwater who are particularly appreciated by the 441 inhabitants who live on the island

Nearby, very beautiful white sand beaches will be perfect to relax and admire the lagoon’s beauty, you can also savour sea urchins and fonts in Okukina, visit parks with fish constructed with corals or the vestiges of the marae Takai in the paving stones of coral.

Numerous archaeological excavations are in progress to Takapoto following the discovery of an unknown heritage ; one about twenty marea and about 200 pits of culture.

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