Takaroa, possess as its twin island Takapoto an oval shape. Contrary to this one, the island is accessible by boat by the pass of Teauonae where is settled the village of Teavaroa and its 488 inhabitants.

The atoll lives essentially of the pearl farming, famous for the delicacy of its pearls thanks to its shallow lagoon. Other ancestral activities such as the fishing and the copra, completed by the tourism which develops more and more on the island also contribute in  Takaroa’s life.

You can visit one of the rare ballrooms of the Tuamotu, Tiara Kahaia where an orchestra of local music occurs on every Friday. Don’t miss the impressive wreck of one 4 masts fails during a cyclone at the beginning of the century who become a part) of landscapes which it’s possible to visit.

You could practise numerous water sports such as the dive to discover the marvels of the lagoon, the jet-ski, the water-skiing or the kayak.


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