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Miss Tahiti, for the love of “the Miss”

On June 24, Polynesians elect their most beautiful “vahine” in the Miss Tahiti beauty pageant. We will discover on this occasion who will represent French Polynesia in the next election of Miss France. A very popular pageant followed by all Polynesians in a country where beautiful women abound …

Difficult from the outside to realize this craze for beauty pageants in French Polynesia. One has yet to take a look at the number of beauty pageants dotting the Polynesian calendar! It includes curious mix with Miss and Mister Papeete, Miss Dragon (which elects the most beautiful woman from the Chinese community), Miss Heiva (for representatives of the Polynesian culture), Miss Popa’a (for girls originating from France) and even Miss Vahinetane («man-woman” in Tahitian, for the most beautiful trans-homosexual)

The ever present Miss Tahiti

Whereas the Miss Tahiti pageant is undoubtedly THE big event of the year, chronicled in BOLD in the Polynesian cultural and media agenda. Back in the old days, it would have been impossible to miss the big banners emblazoned on the streets of the small Polynesian islands towns, announcing the local beauty pageant. The portraits of the miss and misters are displayed on lampposts, much as in the pages of local newspapers … After the election, we find the lucky contestants in all major public announcements, the locals pretext to get their picture alongside their muse and so start with an autograph that is readily displayed in his office or living room! This passion for beauty pageants in this small territory turned up a notch when French Polynesia’s Mehiata Riaria, Miss Tahiti 2013 got to 1st runner in the Miss France beauty pageant of 2014!

Real ambassadors for French Polynesia

More than just a Miss, Polynesians also prepare to elect an ambassador on June 24. Beyond the glamorous allure, and the sweet scent of the tiare Tahiti flower tucked behind her ear, Miss Tahiti is also the embodiment of the beauty of women and the Polynesian culture. And the committee for Miss Tahiti, led by Leiana Faugerat, makes it a point to develop personalities devoted to the Fenua (country) and prepare them to defend their titles tooth and nail. Thus, among the first selection criteria established by the committee, is the desire to represent his Fenua, the connection to Polynesian culture or respect for all communities that make up French Polynesia.

Miss Tahiti is historically one of the most beautiful women in the world. It is the symbol of kindness, gentleness, elegance and beauty. Miss Tahiti is a lifetime status: Miss Tahiti for a day, beauty queen forever.. »

The committee for Miss Tahiti, on its website

An already amazing career

If the beauty of Polynesian women had to proven, one would only look at the results of the last Miss France beauty pageant which, beyond the competition of June 24, is already the talk of the town. Miss Tahiti has and always been, in recent years, the first of three runners up and in December 2015, the beautiful Vaimiti Teiefitu placed second runner up. Not to mention Hinarere Taputu, Miss Tahiti 2014, who placed sixth the Miss World 2015. Let’s hope that 2016 is – finally! – the lucky year for one that will appeal to the jury on June 24 in Papeete. Surely another opportunity, to decree another “national” holiday in the Land of vahines!