April, Celebrity Season in Tahiti & its Islands

French Polynesia is a wonderful place for honeymooners and high end travelers looking for a romantic escape, but it is also the perfect destination to come to, when you’re off White House duty. In fact, former president Barak Obama has chosen the island of Tetiaroa, where he spent the first part of the trip at The Brando Resort, latest addition to luxury properties in French Polynesia. The “eco” resort is just the right place for peaceful rest and quality pampering, exactly what one needs to write his memoirs undisrupted.

Polynesie 1ère footage of Barak Obama’s arrival to Tahiti

The Brando Resort is located on the Island of Tetiaroa, a mere 15 minute flight away from Tahiti. It is the only all inclusive hotel in French Polynesia and the brand provides their own airline; you will basically land at the gates of the resort, no transfer needed! All inclusive packages feature a selection of drinks (including soft, beer, wine, champagne and spirits), all meals, one massage per day per villa and one excursion per day per person. Having visited most properties in Bora Bora, let me tell you, this is a completely different experience, and the resort already counts a good handful of repeaters, including environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio.

Coming back to post presidency tour, the Obama couple are now said to be cruising our paradise islands on board of the Rising Sun, a luxury celebrity yacht of 454 feet long. Tagging friends along, Barak and Michelle are now island hopping with famous influencer Oprah Winfrey, top actor Tom Hanks and medal of freedom awarded Bruce Springsteen.


Following on celebrity season, word is, beautilicious performer Beyonce is also spending some quality time in Bora Bora and Tetiaroa.

Tahiti and its island are a fantastic destination for anyone looking for romance, privacy and tranquility, extraordinary culture and impeccable guest service. I wish all travelers a wonderful and memorable stay!