One island, one hotel Rangiroa, the pearl of Tuamotu

Only one hour by plane from Tahiti, the second largest atoll in the world stretches as far as your eyes could see up to 117 kilometers in circumference composing a chain of 240 ‘islets. It goes without saying, Rangiroa is one of the most beautiful Polynesian postcards.

Rangiroa –  a picturesque stopover

Like its enormous size, the beauty of Rangiroa’s lagoon seems infinite. Difficult to resist falling in love with this atoll as big as Tahiti and where one imagines being Robinson of Tuamotu.

Absolute delight is all around

Among all the atolls, Rangiroa can pride to evolve the expectations of divers as well as landlubbers (that is not always the case). Under the water the Avatoru and Tiputa passes offer a fabulous dive experience. Sharks and dolphins are playing in the same area, sometimes even – with the divers. It is really magic! Elsewhere, manta rays and huge napoleon make a performance on one of the richest Polynesian coral reef.

On the water, explore Blue Lagoon  during a day, a veritable lagoon in the lagoon where baby blacktip sharks and Kaveu, enormous coconut crabs, are growing.

Do you know that you could also walk through the vine rows planted in the same coral, – a famous vineyard of Dominique Auroy, afterwards enjoy its nectar with your feet in the water? Do not miss the visit of the Peral farm, you will be surprised by the skills and secrets that pinctada margaritifera, a famous Polynesian black lipped oyster keeps.

As you can see, Rangiroa is not only a boat ride in its lagoon … it also has a very nice accommodation capacity. Alongside with magnificent Kia Ora, there are some nice guesthouses with warmest hospitality and all necessary comfort. One of them is a guest house ‘Bounty’ of Muriel and Alain, situated beside the Tiputa pass. Their 4 fully equipped studios placed just a few steps from a lagoon in a serene and relaxed atmosphere are waiting for you… Just couple of minutes away by bike provided by the guest house and you arrive at your dive center or at one of the beach cafes for a lunch with your feet in the water. Rangiroa-simply enjoy it…