Ono’u, the color to forge a bond

Papeete, the street art soul


For a long time, the Polynesian capital has been seeking a soul, this subtle identity that emerges over the city streets, its buildings and its inhabitants … This was not easy, as the construction of Papeete had to face difficult challenges in combination. Observing from plane during our landing in Tahiti, we quickly understand that we had to push mountains a little bit in order to make a place for the main Polynesian city in this small strip of land along the beautiful lagoon of Tahiti. Around its vast commercial port, its shopping streets, its historic market, its offices, its terraces and the homes of the many city dwellers bringing it to live form a patchwork that will surprise the traveler in search of exoticism. How to make the connection? Throughout its editions, the international festival of street art Ono’u, has brought an appealing response by giving carte blanche to the largest international street graphic designers.

Ono’u, the color to forge a bond

From street to street, wall to wall, it is another Papeete which is revealed along with the inspirations of the invited Tahitian and international artists. If the festival is an event that attracts a large crowd for a whole week, at the beginning of October, it is all the year that residents and visitors benefit from this permanent exhibition and outside the walls, of which Papeete has become the canvas. From year to year, the city is enriched with new frescoes that gradually invade all its neighborhoods, reflecting a quoted patchwork that finds its most beautiful expression.

In Tahitian, Ono’u is the result of the fusion of “ono”, to make the connection and of “u”, the color. A whole program, which we invite you to discover during your next visit!

The Ono’u Festival

Every year, dozens of local and world artists gather for a week in the whole city of Papeete, Tahiti, and now in Uturoa, on the island of Raiatea. With many introductory workshops open to the public, sound and light mapping entertainments that animate the most beautiful graffiti, performances at the museum of street art in Tahiti …

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