Rangiroa, live like “Robinson Crusoe”, the 5-star way

04_Rangiroa-LRRangiroa, the largest atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia, blends the perfectly radiant and untouched beauty of the lagoons of French Polynesia with the development of tourism both coherent and absolutely luxurious. Visitors come here from all over the world for its exceptional dive spots … or just to enjoy the absolute getaway offered by this little island found at the end of the world, in the middle of the South Pacific.

No news, no shoes! Put your cell phones and emails on holiday! The choice of a stay in Rangiroa, is a bit like going into retirement. Far from the hustle and bustle of a city, and the repressed culture imposed by our daily routines, our schedules are guided by the constant rise and ebb of the tides. Subways are replaced by the brilliance of the stars that dot the Tuamotu skies and the somber grey weather by the brilliant shades of blue offered by this immense lagoon which could contain in itself the entire island of Tahiti! Welcome to paradise found!

Nature in its overflowing abundance

39_Diving-LRThe Tuamotu archipelago, this necklace 77 coral atolls finely drawn in the middle of the South Pacific comprise the top 3 of the most famous dive sites in the world. Rangiroa, a haven for hundreds of marine species, is no exception to the rule. Discover countless species of surgeon fish, mullet, napoleons wrasses, accompanied by the poetic ballets of manta and leopard rays. Or its schools of jacks or barracudas and hundreds of sharks that offer incredible scenes of their quest for prey that, attract the best of scuba diving aficionados. Even the famous Captain Jacques Cousteau, was enchanted by this savage atoll. Even snorkeling enthusiasts revel in the abundant marine life, beautiful and untouched. Even the dolphins are friendly!

One will also be amazed at everything that grows on the motus, this string of small islets mapping out the atoll of Rangiroa. There are coconut trees by the thousands, source of precious coconut oil. From these coconuts, also originate another puamotu delight: the honey coconut, one of the best in Polynesia, characterized by its very dark amber and its flavors and its unique qualities …

29_Rangiroa-Vineyard-LR27_Rangiroa-Wine-LRNorth of the atoll, you will even come across grape vines, pampered by two passionate and adventurous wine makers. Under the bright sun of Rangiroa, planted on soil mixed with coral crushed since millennia, thrive vines of Carignan (for red wine), of Italia (for vintage white wine) and Hamburg Muscat for rosé wine. This unique wine area yields about 60 000 bottles produced each year… a unique identity to be discovered during your stay.

Your key to paradise: the Kia Ora Resort & Spa

03_Aerial-LRClearly, there is plenty to do in Rangiroa. And compared to other Tuamotu atolls, Rangiroa has managed to expand its tourism remarkably, by endeavoring to preserve the delicate balance and the incredible beauty of its lagoon. The Kia Ora Resort & Spa embodies the better bet won.

15_Room_Overwater-Bungalow-LRIn just five years, it has established itself as one of the most luxurious and refined luxury hotels in all of Polynesia. The idyllic lagoon of Rangiroa is unforgettable! And the new management of the Kia Ora has proven it, presenting the fifty bungalows in (with a dozen overwater) a beautiful modern and luxurious style.

From your luxury villa, or on the terrace of the hotel restaurant, between the blue lagoon and the superb infinity pool, guests can organize their excursions for the day … The Kia Ora Resort & Spa will take care of everything!

Embark on a day excursion to the famous pink sand beach of Rangiroa, drift snorkel the Tiputa pass for the most memorable snorkeling excursion of your life (dolphins, napoleons, sharks, beautiful coral …) go stroll through the rows of vines before a wine tasting, and better yet, entrust the organization of your dives to the Topdive center, located on the hotel premises … all for your convenience.

35_Wild-Dolphins-at-Tiputa-Pass-LR2On Rangiroa, time passes definitely at a different pace and everything is done to make your experience as pleasant as possible. The Kia Ora Sauvage, the small island annex of the hotel located one hour by boat, is a well-kept secret. One of the 5 bungalows on a deserted islet for one or more nights, will give you the refined “Robinson Crusoe experience” a new meaning. Here, no electricity, hammocks, and clam shell sinks, against a backdrop of sugar fine white sand and absolute tranquility…

Rangiroa means “big sky” in Maori. Here, your wildest vacation dreams are allowed … and granted!

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