Scuba diving : The tiger shark

We come to Polynesia for beauty, but also for forth, sensations … and for those who want the both, there is the tiger shark!

All divers will tell you: even if we start by being afraid of it, at the end we always are not able to do without it. This is the reason why so many enthusiasts are wandering their dive logbook across the planet with the hope of seeing one or two more boxes from the “shark” category to be ticked on the next vacation. Among these boxes, there is that of the tiger shark, magnificent species, so powerful and massive, so feared and coveted …

Super discrete super predator

Let it be said, the tiger shark knows how to be discreet. More accustomed to the depths during the day, it usually approaches the surface and the reef only in case of a good night meal … However, only for a few of us, this discretion is not a problem! The tiger shark is classified in the shark category as being dangerous for humans. And this reputation, it gets in particular to a nutrition escaping any selectivity. Fish of all kinds, dolphins, turtles and even whales … the tiger is part of the very closed circle of “superpredators”. With its silver livery barred with vertical black lines, its impressive size (usually 3 to 4 meters) and its powerful square muzzle, the tiger shark imposes. And that’s what makes it so appealing to shark “ hunters”.

Tahiti, a sanctuary

The shark admires will be more than happy and rewarded in Polynesia, that ALL the existed species are sanctuarised, and are observed in conditions of safety and serenity unlike any other … During your dive in the famous Vallée Blanche, not far from the airport of Tahiti, no observation cage, no window, no filter is needed. No, there is nothing more between the tiger shark stripes and your epidermis, than the skin is twitching with your emotions … unforgettable.