Tahiti at Ori time

The event of the month, At the end of November, Le Meridien Tahiti will receive the sixth edition of “Ori Tahiti’, a great competition celebrating a traditional Tahitian dancing in its cradle, but far beyond the borders.

Are you coming to French Polynesia soon? Do not leave before attending the performance of Ori Tahiti, the most authentic and probably the most beautiful of all the Polynesian traditional dances.

The big Ori Mass organized at the Meridian Tahiti Hotel at the end of November will be a perfect opportunity to discover this mainstay of the Fenua’s culture, sublimated by the best local and international dancers.

More than a dance

The Ori Tahiti is more than a dance, it is a real art. Traditional percussions, vegetal costumes, choreographies and songs imitating Polynesian ancestral myths join to embody the most authentic representations of the Polynesian culture

A whole body echoes the murmurs of the Polynesian gods, narrating about love and nature in the most beautiful way. The themes and aesthetics of this art are so close to universal, that Ori Tahiti continues to spread throughout the world. The Dancing Schools flourish from Asia to Europe and the “tamure” is gathering more and more followers … Like the Polynesians themselves, who returned to this ancient art, for years banned by missionaries.

On 25 and 26 November 2017, the Ori Tahiti Nui competition, which will end with the Ori Tahiti international championship (Tane and Vahine categories), will bring to life, the most beautiful that Polynesian art owns. And the most emotional …

Ori Tahiti Nui Competition 2017: on the 25th and 26th of November, at the Meridien Tahiti Hotel