The Humpback whales are back in Tahiti

They are here !

Did you know ? French Polynesia is one of the most amazing places for whale watching! They are a huge reason to make you pack your bags!

Calm and turquoise waters, legendary Polynesian mounts and majestic whales swimming by your side! If whale watching in Tahiti and isn’t the number one reason for a trip to our islands, it it by far the most sensational memory you will ever get.

If you want to know when the time has come, just look up! In French Polynesia, we know the season begins when the flowers of the “Atae”, an endemic species, blossom to a spectacular fiery flower; this tree is also called the whale tree.

Don’t miss the celebration: from June to September


With a migration starting in the frozen Antarctica, whales travel thousands of kilometers to finally come breed or give birth in our warm waters. We count around ten individuals every year, and since 1986, date of the worldwide ban on commercial whaling, Tahiti and its island have become one of the most secured meeting points for these sacred giants… and probably one of the best observatories in the whole world!

Try your luck and ask local diving centers about whale watching; chances are, they will know exactly where to find them. One piece of advice: don’t hesitate one second, and just dare to jump off the boat and swim in the deep blue sea. The sacred parade led by impressive great males vocalizations, is without a doubt the most memorable performance you will get from this magical encounter.