The International Marathon of Tahiti -Moorea

The scenic marathon…by the sea, under the coconut trees

The deep bays on the north coast of Moorea attract hundreds of seafarers from all over the world each year.  In Moorea, they find idyllic and peaceful anchorage. It would indeed take an exceptional event to distract the tranquility of the sister island, away from the depravities of the bustling Papeete, a few leagues away … This is the international marathon of Tahiti-Moorea! And the next edition soon to be held this month…

Teaser de l’édition 2017 du Marathon international de Tahiti Moorea


A marathon like no other

At the cool dawn of 25 March, 1500 professional or amateur runners meet at the starting line, quite unlike other races but under the coconut palms of Temae beach … For the first finishers, it is all about winning, the fruit of months of training under the beating Polynesian sun and, for many others, participation to add to their track records, alongside the traditional marathons of New York, London or Paris, a nice touch of the exotic!
Since its first edition in 1988, the marathon of Tahiti Moorea boasts of being among the most beautiful stages of the annual calendar of international marathons. On the program: 26 miles of intense racing, but also and above all, breathtaking landscapes as a reward … Something that gives the race a whole different dimension!

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The program :

5:30am: Start of the marathon – course direction till Km 21 Papetoai for the turnaround.

5:30am:  Start of the semi-marathon – course direction toward Km 10 Paopao for the turnaround.

6:40am: Arrival of the first finishers of the semi-marathon

8:30am: Arrival of the first finishers of the marathon


Other auxillary events to the International Marathon of Tahiti-Moorea

  • the Aremiti Color run (2.7 mile run)
  • the Kids run (kids only event)