The M/S Paul Gauguin, Cruising French Polynesia

Paul_GauguinIMG_0092The M/S Paul Gauguin cruises ranks as the 2nd best Polynesian cruise for readers of Travel + Leisure 2015 as well as in the Condé Nast Traveler’s Magazine 2015 rankings. It has become a must for cruise travelers and has well earned its 5 star rank for its expansive cruise circuit and authentic Polynesian touch. E-Tahiti Travel invites you to discover the Polynesian islands in style on the M/S Paul Gauguin.

A far cry from the M/S Harmony of the Seas cruise ship, with a capacity of 6360 passengers and 2100 crew members, recently launched in France. A rather reassuring thought for a 5 star ship. Departing from the quay of Papeete, one embark on a cruise with a more intimate and personal touch. The Paul Gauguin prides itself with a crew member/passenger ratio of 1.5. Simply unparalleled! One immediately feels the 5 star personalized service as soon as you step on board. One revels in the refined and relaxed atmosphere maintained throughout your 14 day stay while cruising the archipelagos of the Tuamotu, Marquesas and Society islands.

The ideal cruise to see French Polynesia at its best

Paul_GauguinIMG_0102The perfect cruise for discovering the different archipelagos of French Polynesia that are dispersed across the expanse of the Pacific. A 2 week visit by sea, with neither planes nor airports. The Gauguin is immediate relaxation and an exceptional alternative to discovering the islands.

Embarkation on a Friday night, with check-in at the Grand Salon, a hostess shall personally escort you to your cabin. With a maximum vessel capacity of 332 passengers, the Paul Gauguin is one of the stars of small luxury liners. The suites are bright and spacious (19 to 50 m2), all with sea views and close to 70% of state rooms with balconies or verandas. A little later in the evening, at the bar, La Palette on bridge 8, one sees Tahiti disappear as the ship departs over the starry horizon, promising an unforgettable Polynesian fortnight at sea…

Paul_GauguinIMG_0132No less than 9 ports of call punctuate the Tuamotu, Marquesas and Society Islands circuit. At each port of call, a paradise awaits. In the immense lagoon of Fakarava first, then to the most beautiful bays of the Marquesas. Omoa in Fatu Hiva, Atuona in Hiva Oa to, Hapatoni in Tahuata, before the beautiful finale in Taiohae on Nuku Hiva…During the journey, we “encounter” Jacques Brel and a certain… Paul Gauguin. We meet artisans perpetuating centuries of expertise of wood or stone engraving … and we taste the Marquesan culture through its war dances that invite you up on stage at the Grand Salon, their excitement and passion is infectious.

A small luxury cruise ship with huge comforts…

Gauguin_poolThe Paul Gauguin sets sail on a beautiful evening, while the sun sets on the Sentinel west of Taiohae Bay, bathing the towering mountains of the island of warm orange shades. With 2 days at sea ahead of you, enjoy at your leisure, the many conferences and shows offered on board. When you are in the mood for some pampering, spend time at the Deep Nature Spa or pool deck 8, at the piano bar at the shop or at the small casino on board…

Full steam ahead towards the archipelago of the Society islands. Your days on board have a relaxed pace, punctuated by gourmet dinners at l’Etoile, the Grill or the Veranda – the three restaurants have brought fine dining at sea to a new level. The Parisian chef Jean-Pierre Vigato, keeps an even keel on providing the finest on each menu with his signature dishes masterfully concocted with the finest local ingredients in fusion cuisine … All its own, the Paul Gauguin has decidedly everything a large luxury cruise liner has …

The authentic Polynesia

Gauguin_gauguinesCruising the South Pacific since the late 90’s, true Polynesian history is written on the ship. The exceptional group of a dozen 100% local dancers and musicians, the Gauguins and Gauguines, animate the evenings on board. They welcome you singing and dancing about days gone by on the private motus, just waiting for you in Bora Bora and Tahaa.

But so much more, following the Polynesian footsteps of Paul Gauguin is the central theme of the cruise. On occasion, a local teaches a local craft like, weaving Pandanus leaves or grating a coconut to make the traditional dish (raw fish), poisson cru… An authentic local experience.

gauguin-marinaWith each island, discover the lagoons of the Wild Huahine, Bora Bora – the Pearl of the Pacific, Tahaa- the vanilla island and finally the sister island, Moorea … but as not say too much, discover for yourself this blend of sophistication and exoticism. If, perhaps one last special mention to the lower deck of the Paul Gauguin … At each mooring, the rear platform of the ship is lowered and turns the ship into a veritable sea sports center! Take a kayak or paddle for a few rounds around the boat. For scuba divers, a quick trip out on the zodiac brings you to the most beautiful divespots in Moorea, Bora Bora, Nuku Hiva and many others … a must-do to discover the undersea wealth of Polynesia!

Tempted? Ask for the cruise program and contact us for to book your cruise in Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga … and even Bali in 2017!