The Pearl Beach Resort in Tikehau

Off the beaten track

The Tikehau atoll in the Tuamotu is one of the last known santuaries in the South Pacific of the lori nonnette,  or scientifically known as the Vini peruviana,  or Lori bleu de Tahiti, an endemic bird with a purple blue coat with silver streaks and an orange beak.  For ornithologists and bird watchers alike, it is of particular interest given that there are only a few dozen pairs sited in French Polynesia.  Another species found in this remote string of islands, are also the commonly known: turtle doves, having chosen a peaceful romantic setting on this remote paradise.

Off the grid
We are rougly 200 miles north of Tahiti, on a small atoll, which is only eight square miles wide.  Roughly 500 inhabitants populate the atoll, scattered over a series of islets (the motus) that surround a crystalline lagoon. Don’t even look for the local Starbucks nor a wifi connection.  The airport is actually an airfield when you arrive in Tuherahera, the main town. Here, best you leave your city references as well as mobile phones at the bottom of your suitcase … Upon arrival, your senses will go into overide… with eyes only for your partner and for the beauty of the pink sand beaches of the atoll … and ears for the peaceful surf that incessantly lap the virgin coral reef devoid of any signs of human passage…


An invitation to let yourself go

With a 10 minute boat ride from Tuherahera, one reaches the wooden pontoon of the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and only a few steps from your overwater bungalow or your beach bungalow, ocean side with private terrace.  Your new home away from home with overwaters range from 55 m2 to 93 m2 for the superb suites!   The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is a human-sized property that is beautifully integrated to blend into the natural surroundings.  Built with its traditional pandanus roofs and the fine wood for its structure.


Every aspect has been well planned out for one’s complete relaxation.  The sheer wonderment of a snorkeler gazing at the sea floor as he lets himself go with the current that flows into the lagoon and shapes the beautiful coral gardens here and there…recharge yourself with a monoï massage at the Manea Spa…Savour the catch of the day at the restaurant “le Pohero”… this is how time passes ever so slowly, simply…and it feels good.


Other « must do » activities : the hotel has its own dive center on the premises and proposes fishing excursions in one of the most abundant lagoons in French Polynesia…

The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is composed of:

  • 12 beach bungalows
  • 9 overwater bungalows
  • 7 premium overwater bungalows
  • 8 overwater suites
  • 1 beach villa with pool
  • A restaurant: Le Pohero
  • A bar : Le Tianoa
  • A spa : nestled by the water and amidst a tranquil garden


Complimentary activities for all guests : snorkeling, volleyball.

And if you absolutely need to get connected, wifi access is available at the bar and the restaurant.