Hospitals & Clinics in Papeete

In French Polynesia, medical care is generally very satisfactory and medical infrastructure is comparable to what you would find in most developped countries. The most modern facilities are located in Tahiti but you will also find an hospital in Raiatea, Nuku Hiva as well as large infirmaries in the Australs and Tuamotu archipelagoes.

The most famous and modern hospitals and private clinics are mostly concentrated in Papeete and open 24 hours :

  • Taone hospital : Tel (689) 40 48 62 62 –
  • Clinic Cardella : Tel (689) 40 46 04 25
  • Clinic Paofai : Tel (689) 40 46 18 18

Moreover, this emergency unit of doctors and medical personnel will come to your hotel in Tahiti to attend to your needs :

  • SOS Medecins : Tel (689) 40 42 34 56


You will find many pharmacies in Papeete area and several around the island.
The pharmacies rotate night and weekend or holiday duty. You can check with your hotel to find out which one is open.

Medical evacuations (Evasan)

They are carried out by Air Tahiti planes or by helicopters and will conduct you to the nearest hospital.

To think about when packing

A first aid kit should have : antibiotics, an anti-diarrhea product, a moisturizer, an antihistamine, a disinfectant, aspirin, bandages, a pair of sunglasses, an mosquito repellent, a pomade to care for punctures and cuts, a sun cream, a pair of scissors, tweezers, alcohol, a thermometer as well as a small case of sterile material, needles, and compresses.

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