Ukelele World Record

Ukulele, pacific connection

The Ukulele is probably the first musical instrument you will hear in French Polynesia. In fact, in just a few weeks, thousands of locals will put their heart into one special event : the World biggest gathering of Ukulele players!

If you wander around the Papeete market, you will hear voices of  Polynesian musicians, happily playing and singing. Just hearing the Ukulele strings brings warmth to the heart, and these singular tones will make you think of blue lagoons and coconut juice!

The Ukulele is by far the most popular instrument in French Polynesia, just like in Hawaii. Chances are, your excursion guide, will play for you while sailing around the islets in Bora Bora, and it is just the best way to enjoy your ride on the world’s most famous lagoon!

All Polynesian bands and local dancing school count at least one Ukulele player; there’s just no way can you imagine Tahitian music without the ancestral instrument.

Ukulele World Record !

Every family in French Polynesia own at least one Ukulele. The elders look like they were born knowing how to play; it comes so naturally to them. They teach the youngests who gladly play as soon as they have an opportunity. The Ukulele is part of their culture.

This is the reason why the Ukulele World Record is so important to Polynesian people. It is absolutely crucial for them to demonstrate its value through this event. But what is it actually about? Well, the idea is to gather as many musicians as possible, and get them to play the same song at the same time, while being carefully monitored by a Guiness World Recort representative! In April 2015, Tahiti did win the precious title, with as many as 4792 players. However, Hong Kong rapidly took over with 6125 players in early 2017.



There’s just no way letting another country hold the record for too long. Let’s all meet and show the world, once again, that we can beat the numbers, beginners or certified, on November 18th. This is going to be one magical event, not be missed!