Wide-angle view of the Sea turtles

Did you know? The Polynesian lagoons are true sanctuaries for marine turtles, which are here strictly protected. It is not uncommon to cross a green turtle or a hawksbill turtles while diving and even during snorkeling the numerous coral gardens.

Dive into the Ecological Center of Le Méridien Bora Bora

While there are many marine turtles in French Polynesia that have the ideal setting to lay their eggs and even settle, poaching has pushed the territory to set up regulatory measures to protect them since 1971. But the cultural aspect is profoundly imbedded in the Polynesian psyche and turtle meat still remains a delicacy.

Aware of this fragility, Le Méridien de Bora Bora has created a unique place inside its private lagoon to give sea turtles (sometimes injured from poachers) the chance to heal and thrive in the best possible conditions.

In 2012, the Ecological Center of Le Méridien was born in Bora Bora, which very quickly became a privileged place for the conservation and discovery of many species of the lagoon. If the turtles are the stars of this life-size aquarium (one can watch turtle feeding every morning at 10.30 am with the biologists of the center), many species of fish, starfish but also corals can be observed in vivo, in the idyllic and exclusive setting of the lagoon of Le Méridien …

How does coral thrive? And besides, is it an animal or a plant?! How is a green turtle born and why is it so essential to protect it? What is the particularity of the sea urchin? … Many answers to these questions are found here and add perspective to future snorkeling sessions or your dives in this subaquatic paradise …

In summary, the ecological center of Le Méridien Bora Bora is:

  • A turtle clinic: which offers the possibility of attending the daily feeding sessions of the residents of the center, before they become sufficiently self-sufficient to be released.
  • A coral nursery.
  • An educational course and a museum entirely dedicated to marine turtles.
  • A tactile pool that allows swimmers to touch all the animal and vegetable curiosities that the lagoon offers, in the company of a biologist.

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